A Farewell to Robert

Farewell to Rob

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A Farewell to Robert


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9 responses to “A Farewell to Robert

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  2. Sheri Pacitto

    Dear Pat, This speech moved me to tears. What a beautiful love you have shown your son over the years. I can only imagine the depth of feelings you have in watching his beautiful soul move to London. I wish you many trips over the next few years to visit and him back home to you. I will always remember the father energy you gave to me during our time together and I know your son is so blessed and lucky to have such an awesome wonderful father. Lots of love and light. Sheri

  3. Dear Sheri,

    Thank you so much for your loving support. I now remember that you were going through some challenges at a Family Retreat (I think). And I know that challenges like the ones we’ve been through are pointers. They say; ‘This way HOME.”

    Lots of loving and Light to you and your loved ones.

  4. Doug Kierulff

    Wow, Pat. So beautiful, truly moving. You inspire me to be the best father I can be to our daughter. Robert & Lisa are so blessed to have you as their father.
    Much love,

  5. Kyle Lang

    Dear Pat,

    You don’t know me, but I went to the same MFA program as Robert. I’ve always been an admirer of your son. He is such a brave talent. I too am a father and I wanted to say, “Thank you.” Your words here moved me deeply.


  6. Mary Ann Downs

    I feel so blessed to know all of you. Your words have touched me deeply. The parent in me really “gets” it. It is such a fine dance — this place of holding enough and letting go enough until we stand back and watch our children soar away in the world as we hold them forever in our hearts.
    Many blessings to you all.
    Mary Ann

  7. Julia

    Can’t type much, crying…parenting…loving.

  8. Annat Provo

    It’s just beautiful, Pat. You are all so fortunate to be a family together and you each, and all, bless everyone and everything by your presence. God bless you.
    with gratitude,

  9. Linda Knabke

    Very timely for me to find this story as we head to UCLA to support our son and daughter-in-law during open heart surgery on their 3 month old….we will gather around as a family, hold hands and be there in love and support…

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