It’s an expression I remember my spiritual teacher, John-Roger use to describe a way of viewing parts of life. And it’s the title of a speech I wrote shortly after the passing of Bill, my wife’s dad, who I cared for during his last 36 days on earth.  Now both JR and Bill are physically gone, yet more alive in my heart than ever.  Here’s the talk about the gift of this experience:



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3 responses to “TIDDLELYWINKS!

  1. Very touching, Patric. You have the gift of Bill and the gift of speaking. You share it well. Pat Hartmann

  2. Linda

    I thoroughly enjoyed your story of Bill. Today is the anniversary of your mother’s death. I wonder if she ever played tiddlelywinks? Aunt Linda

  3. Dena

    That was BEAUTIFUL, Patric!! Thank you for sharing this precious gift, and the precious gift of you. I’m very moved, and inspired. Blessings of gratitude, love, and smiles … Dena

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