Magic Pencil Girl!


An audio-book in twelve stories


Rachel is a wife and mother who lives in a small town much like the character Christine Pearson.

When she’s not reading and playing with her 2 year old son Owen, she enjoys running and hiking

in the nearby mountains. She is currently working on her degree in Nutrition Fitness and hopes

to educate children and adults on the importance of eating healthy food. One of her favorite

activities is cooking with her son. Some of her favorite books are Their Eyes are Watching God,

Little Women, and Harry Potter.


Magic Pencil Girl, Christine Pearson, lost her dad to a forest fire last year as he fought to save homes. She stopped speaking to anybody after this, all the way through Fifth Grade.  Now, at the beginning of the Sixth Grade, Christine has decided to see if there could be a life after Dad for her. To help her, she discovers that the Magic Pencil her dad gave her has real magic! These stories show the different kinds of things that happen to a sixth grade girl just in the struggle to understand what life’s all about.  In the end, she discovers the true source of magic.


                                                                                                                                                              AUTHOR, PATRIC PEAKE



STORY 1: TRUE FRIEND: Christine tries out her magic pencil to get into the No Hands Club even though she raises her hand all the time in class and discovers a New Best Friend inside herself.

 CLICK HERE: Magic pencil girl story 1

STORY 2: BOYS, BOYS, BOYS: Christine uses her magic to impress a prospective boyfriend and draws him a picture that ends up humiliating herself and leading her to a real friend who is a boy.


STORY 3: WHAT PLANET DID YOU COME FROM: Christine uses her magic to befriend a tall new girl with blue hair and a basketball and draws up a pro female basketball player to assist.

 CLICK HERE: MPG 3 planet

STORY 4: SHY GIRL: Christine finds out from Veronica, the shyest girl in class, that her mom is dying of cancer and befriends taking her on an airplane ride to courage and compassion, courtesy of her magic pencil.

 CLICK HERE: MPG 4 Shy girl

STORY 5: RUMORS: Christine draws a dog for the Goth girl Lavender Bliss, and takes her friends on a spying mission at the graveyard to prove to her friends that Lavender is NOT a witch.


STORY 6: BEHIND THE SMILE: Christine discovers self-disgust behind the smile of Sarah caused by her alcoholic mom who Christine discovers drunk and calls 911 when she falls down stairs which leads Mom into recovery.

 CLICK HERE: MPG 6 Behind the smile

STORY 7: THE OLD MAN WHO SINGS TO TREES: Christine draws an old man who shows up in Simon Gray’s* old house and her sketch plus her phone call to the authorities are instrumental in reconciling the man with his family.

 CLICK HERE: Magic Pencil Girl Story 7

STORY 8: CAUTION, FALLING ROCK: Disgusted by the antics of the hyper new boy with a missing finger, unmoved by his serious accident on the playground, Christine agrees to draw his damaged hand as whole, and finds her compassion for the boy.


STORY 9: STUNNING!: New from Jamaica, Rakesha stuns Christine and friends with her model-like beauty and exceptional intelligence, but a loss at the State Math Contest sends her deep into her anorexia and with a sketch and her caring, Christine moves her and her family to go for help.


STORY 10: WHERE ARE YOU SCOOBY?: Autistic Alexander, Christine’s new desk mate for art, draws amazing Scooby Do characters and gives them voices and is traumatized by an insensitive substitute teacher. Christine’s animated sketch of Scooby brings him back.

 CLICK HERE: MPG Story 10(1)

STORY 11: FALLING STAR: Nichole announces she’s headed to Hollywood to be in a movie with her dad when Christine and friends discover, her parents are divorcing, and after her dad tries to abduct her on the playground, Christine learns how to just be there for her friend.


STORY 12: STANDING UP:  Christine revisits her New Best Friend at science camp as an old lady artist, reveals how much she misses her dad, and decides to finally draw him and imagines his reply. At promotion, a breeze on her shoulder reminds her that Dad told her, that that was him giving her one of his backrubs.


* Simon Gray is the central character of the next novel, “Blood Monopoly,” about a boy who’s dad gives him a magical monopoly piece that transports him to wherever he thinks.



5 responses to “Magic Pencil Girl!

  1. I’d like to read all your stories, so why not take them in numerical order.

    I looked for your books in the library and on and then I realized that even though you had written six books, they had not been published.

    I enjoyed your recordings, which I had already heard at toastmasters, and the first pages of your books.

  2. Story one is on its way to you Val.


  3. Sandy

    Hi, my name´s Sandy and I´m very interested in reading some of your stories..could send me the one titled :Trouble making friends or keeping them?

    • Hi Sandy,

      I am happy to do so. In the near future, I plan to make these audio stories where all you will have to do is click on them and listen to the story read by a girl who sounds very much like what I imagine Christine sounds like.



  4. Frank Bosak

    I’d like number 12

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