A Father’s Blink

It’s just a blink. The time between my daughter’s birth and her wedding. A blink. The message of this story told at a toastmasters event is a simple one. In the time between, ENJOY THE DANCE!


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3 responses to “A Father’s Blink

  1. Linda Anderson

    Hi Pat:

    Thank you for sharing that story. I had to reach for a kleenex as it was so visual to me.

    You are a wonderful speaker!!


  2. Pat- so great to see and hear that story on YouTube! You’re such a great story teller!

  3. Dave

    Pat, good story. Brought back memories of Wendy and I on our last dance. Opened up Robert’s website and was gratified to see how well he has done. We have common denominators as to the love for our families. Your story is the tip of the iceberg and as for me, and I’m sure for you as well they are boundless. Keep reflecting………….


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