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This book is about my journey into the discovery of who we really are, a journey that began at twelve-years old with a transcendent experience on the banks of a fishing hole. A great blue heron stood watching me from a few feet away.  Unable to find words to describe the moment, I asked myself for the first time, “Who am I.”

The road takes us through my forty plus years of as an educator. Each story is a brief blink into a moment in my life that illuminates a piece of the answer.  Most originated as speeches for Toastmasters International Speech Contest and most have won at various levels.  But the real prize for my fisherman’s heart, is in catching readers’ and listeners’ hearts.  Below is one such speech.  Scroll down and you will find several more.

Here’s an endorsement of the book:

“I’m keeping Pat’s book close by my bedside so that any time I forget what’s important, I can simply reach for it, open it, start reading, and be reminded. Every page elicits a deep breath, a gentle smile, and an awareness of how simple life can be from the perspective of Love.”


Ron Hulnick, President, University of Santa Monica, and co-author with Mary Hulnick of Loyalty To Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology




While in teacher’s college, I worked a summer job for special needs children.  At twenty years old, I thought I knew how to handle everything, until I met Alan.

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