You sit in the doctor’s office waiting for the nurse to call your name.  It’s been ten minutes. Your cellphone was checked five minutes ago for new Facebook entrees of cats intimidating dogs.  You twiddle your thumbs.  Hmmmm.

What if there on the magazine rack that has pictures of sick people smiling on the cover, you find a book.  The title reads:  INSPECTOR PEPPER: FROM CRIME TO CUFFS IN TEN MINUTES.

You open it and find a tongue-in-cheek murder mystery series.  A reluctant but brilliant inspector is motivated by the Police Captains thirteen-year-old daughter.  Solves a case with a bizarre twist in a ten minute read.  And you can’t wait for your next doctor’s appointment.

Well, all of those stories are on this website!  You only need to click on the banner on the homepage and select your story.  Here’s the low-down.  You know that device you use to text funny messages to your cousin in Wisconsin?  You can read the next Inspector Pepper on THAT devise by typing in patricpeake/ in Google, click on it. and you’re here!  Reading your next story and expanding your mind beyond a twenty word text message.  OMG!

Simply click  on the banner above:  INSPECTOR PEPPER.

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