Pat’s award for one of his stories told at a

Toastmasters speech contest.

(See below.)

Each week an additional story will be added here. These are stories given as prize-winning speeches in various speaking venues including Toastmasters, workshops around the country, and in the yet-to-be-published book, A Blink in the Eye of the Great Blue Heron.

GOLD is the story of my encounter with a seven-year-old downs syndrome boy at camp. (minutes 6:23)


HANDS is the story of my son and I taking Bud, a resident of a convalescent hosptial, to his last fishing trip. (minutes 6:59)


ROCKET SCIENCE is the story of two aspiring teens whose experiments with rocket fuel, led to their demise. (minutes 6:31)


INVISIBLE BOY is the story of a teen at a high school for at risk kids who tried to keep himself invisible until… (minutes 6:44)


SECOND CHANCES is the story of a boy who had a complete personality change because of a second chance given to him. (minutes 7:00)


WARM FUZZIES is the story of the true origin of the warm fuzzies and the counterfeit cold pricklies. (minutes 9:07)


1981 is the story of my continuation high school burning to the ground and the blessings of that. (minutes 8:20)


Here is a video of THE NEXT DANCE, a father’s tale.



One response to “Listen

  1. Your words are lovely – telling stories and telling us about ourselves. I really likes the excerpts from your books. I saw the places and people you described and wanted to read more.

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