Mondays and Tuesdays with Luca

Many years ago, decked in my dress-green US Army uniform, I sat in a white folding chair at Fort Bliss Cemetery in El Paso, Texas, the only member the funeral party for Baby Boy Peake. That was the name they etched in the flat stone that marked the plot among thousands of plots of my first son. He lived a few hours.

            Many years later, I redid that gravesite in my heart. I named him David Peake and found the inscription added:

            Our love goes far beyond this small, blue box.

            Less than two years later, another son was born to me. Jefferey Joseph Peake, a remarkable man, now, living in India

            Many years after that, in my current marriage, Robert Patrick Peake and Lisa Christine Peake were born to me, two amazing human beings. He lives in England, she, in Los Angeles.

            Almost ten years ago, my first grandson was born to Robert and his wife, Val, and died in my son’s arms a few days after his birth. He was James, and I feel him in my heart often.

            Three months ago, my second grandson was born to Lisa, and her husband Hugo. His name is Luca Lennon Peake Alvarado. He is healthy, strong, , and full of smiles and Light.

            Shortly after Luca was born, I received an inner call. Spirit told me that I was to be Luca’s Nanny on Mondays and Tuesdays. As it usually is when I am giving such a call, I am not made privy to the reasons. I mean, the bigger reasons.

            But I have also learned that answering such a call brings enormous gifts with it.   The purpose of this journal, is to share some of those gifts as best I can. I love my family beyond words. Every one of them. David, Jeff, Robert, Lisa, James, and Luca each touch the father’s heart in me.

Luca and I


And so, we begin this journey. Driving from Ojai to LA to be Lucas’ nanny on Mondays and Tuesdays. I hope I make a suitable traveling companion for you as we go. And I hope I learn to be a good nanny.


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