New Inspector Pepper and more…

Hi friends and fellow writers.

The third story of Season Two of the Inspector Pepper series is here. You may remember I challenged readers to come up with unusual murder weapons. This one uses two items suggested by my Aunt Linda, a golf tee and a fishing lure. Before you click on to your new Inspector Pepper story, I want to point out there is a new story telling piece in the video in the post just below this one.

For Inspector Pepper, click here:

Inspector Pepper Story 2.3



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3 responses to “New Inspector Pepper and more…

  1. Auntie

    You did it! You’re a pro at writing and fishing.

  2. Sondra Forstrom Merrick

    Pat, this is Sondra Forstrom Merrick. I’d love to catch up via email when you have a chance!

    • Hi Sondra,

      What a great surprise to find you here. Check out the new video I’m putting on. It will fill you in a lot on my life.

      If you go to contact, you’ll find my active email.

      I’d love to catch up.


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