I can tell by the increase in hits I’m getting at this website, that my new writer friends from this weekend’s San Diego Writer’s Conference have found me.

>FIRST, my apologies for not having my latest story-telling video posted. I had some technical difficulties which are being corrected.  However, you can scroll down and pick any of the story-telling clips below. I suggest you look at SECOND CHANCES if you have time for just one.

>SECOND, I have moved all my Inspector Pepper 10-minute murder mysteries to a separate page. Simply click on INSPECTOR PEPPER’S MURDER MYSTERIES above the heading. Or, if you want, click here:

Inspector Pepper Story 1

This will put you at the first story in the series. Enjoy! Perhaps you have an elderly relative or friend to whom you might read it aloud. (NOTE TO MY LOYAL PEPPER READERS: The next one is on the way. Murder weapon? A fishing lure.)

>THIRD, many people came up to me during the conference to share kinds words about my pitch of MARVIN, my psychological thriller. Simply click on the CURRENT PROJECTS above and you can see this pitch.

I am energized and motivated for the hard work ahead in my writing. If you ever need someone to remind you of the importance of sharing your writing gifts, I’m your guy.  Best wishes and Inspired Writing to you!

                                                              PAT PEAKE


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  1. Amelia Amell

    I totally agree with Margaret!
    Great story! Love the last line from Inspector Pepper!
    Big Yay!

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